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  • Amazing, I downloaded the file and it explained all questions. I really appreciate it. Have a great day Mr. Mehdi. Thank you. ------------------------------ S B Data Manager ------------------------------

  • Hi  @S B , To achieve that I used the " Hide Page " property and set it to "true" (or checked) for all the pages that I don't want to see there tabs. To navigate to the hidden pages I used bookmarks and buttons. Here is a sample on what I was able to ...

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  • Hi Guys, Wish everyone doing well! Is there a way to share a PBI report without showing the pages names. I would like to add buttons to my reports to direct users towards charts and data. I don't want them fly over the pages and get lost.  Please help. ...

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    RE: Sharing reports/App

    @Mehdi HAMMADI You are THE MAN :-) Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. Jazaka Allaho khayran​ ------------------------------ S B Data Manager +16467703026 ------------------------------

  • Hi  @S B , This can be reached by using the " Publish to Web " feature on Power BI Services (File > Publish to the web) but be aware that your data will be accessible by any one who have the link to the page. Here is a sample : My First Report For ...

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    Le groupe d'usagés "Algeria Modern Excel and Power BI" a pour vocation de rassembler des utilisateurs, principalement Algériens ou résident en Algérie, passionnés d'Excel et de Power BI afin qu'ils partagent, apprennent et développent leurs compétences et leurs opportunités. Que vous soyez novice dans le monde de l'analyse ou expert en analyse et visualisation de données, que vous soyez d'Algérie ou d'ailleurs, cette communauté est pour vous.

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    Chef local:
    @Mehdi HAMMADI

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