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  • ​​Its finally here and in case you haven't checked it out yet, please do. Amazing new features Power BI November 2018 Updates ------------------------------ Alexander Boamah Dallas, TX ------------------------------ ​

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  • Thanks for your input. I will follow up. ------------------------------ Alexander Boamah Dallas, TX ------------------------------

  • Hi Alexander, No I did not but Gil Raviv (Datachant) wrote some greate articles about the Custom Visuals that maybe can help you. Power BI Custom Visuals Scanner – Governance Tool. Certifying Custom Visuals for Power BI . Governing Custom Visuals ...

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  • I will play with it to see what the results are. Kind regards, Jessica Teaching digital skills, bit by byte ALT-Enter,LLC 312/617-9134 www.AltEnterTraining.com ------Original Message------ Jessica, thanks for the good ...

  • ​Has anyone tried to implement a custom Power BI visualization for their organization and how did it go, the buy-in, developing, etc?. Please feel free to share your experience. Thanks. #dataviz ------------------------------ Alexander Boamah Dallas, ...

  • Jessica, thanks for the good write up in your blog post.  I very much agree! I ran into the 'annotate' feature yesterday when I was trying to do my first mobile layout.  Looks cool.    But about that mobile layout - I wasn't having a lot of success ...

  • I am not a believer in technology 'just because'. I want to have practical reasons to use an app on my phone. I have been playing with the Power BI app on my phone and discovered the annotation feature. If you haven't checked out this feature, it's worth ...


  • Next year: Orlando

    Good morning folks,
    It's a beautiful day in Phoenix, and the Summit is really really great. If you have ever thought about going, next year is the year. It's in Orlando Florida, October 13-15, 2019. I think that's right around Columbus Day, so maybe you can fit in a long weekend with the kids at Disney. 
    Seriously, this is my first Summit, and I am meeting so many people and learning so much. If you are a Power BI user/learner/enthusiast, you need to be at next year's Summit.
  • New Leader Joining us!

    I am delighted to share that Mico Yuk, founder of BI Brainz, is joining as a leader of our Special Interest Group. Mico is a globally recognized leader in the BI space. She is bringing her expertise to our group, which is a boon for us! I have included a link to her company's website where you can have a peek at her company's accomplishments. Please welcome her, and more importantly, check back often to see what she has to say. We are lucky to have her!

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