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  • Hello, I need to find the count of instances each value is repeating from 3 columns. This is a mock dataset and the actual data set has 7 columns which are divided into three sections. When I try to combine all the 7 fields in the matrix view, it is ...

  • Hi All, I have this issue for long time. I am able to connect the gateway installed on my machine to sql server instance but it is not for any particular file (Excel or txt file). it gives me error all time . I keep restarting the gateway, my username/password ...

  • Thanks Vishesh Jain   I used the MIN(Sales[Sale Date])  it worked II have been looking for a long time for a formula to calculate, thank you very much ------------------------------ Dmytro Martsyniuk ------------------------------

  • HI @Dmytro Martsyniuk , Its been over a year now that I do not remember, but from the reply above, I think I might have used the MAX(Sales[Sale Date]). Since we are trying to restrict everything down to the last sale date of the current year and then ...

  • Hi Vishesh Jain   What measure did you use for the Last Date var min_date_LY = date(YEAR( [Last Date] )-1, MONTH(min_date), DAY(min_date))   ------------------------------ Dmytro Martsyniuk ------------------------------

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