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Welcome to the Power BI for Developers special interest group

The focus of this SIG is the developer experience of Power BI, so if you want to learn about one of the following subjects, feel free to join:

  • Custom Data Connectors
  • Custom Visuals
  • Power BI Embedded
  • Power BI REST API

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Link missing or not working, please let us know: @Jan Pieter Posthuma


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  • Discussion thread to share/discuss the online meeting of November 1st @ 7PM CET/Amsterdam. How to join: see this link After the meeting I will share the recording. Agenda Welcome Introduction of the SIG (Provisional) schedule ...

  • Hi Aaron, Welcome to the community. As you already experienced developing Custom Visuals for Power BI is more related to (modern) web development then Power BI. If I look at my self: I original started more as a developer with affinity to data and switch ...

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    Custom Visuals

    Good morning Jan!  Thank you for starting the developer section. I look forward to sharing things I have learned as well as gain knowledge from those who have experience where I do not.  I see that you have experience creating custom visuals. I am looking ...

  • And to start the discussion: I am Jan Pieter Posthuma from the Netherlands and you can know me because I am developing Power BI Custom Visuals, like the HierarchySlicer and the Box and Whisker chart. Besides developing Power BI Custom Visuals I am also ...

  • Hi everybody, Welcome to the special interest group: Power BI for developers. Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread, eg: who are you? what kind of experience do you have regarding developing for/with Power BI? what are you expectation ...


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