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Welcome to the Power BI for Developers special interest group

The focus of this SIG is the developer experience of Power BI, so if you want to learn about one of the following subjects, feel free to join:

  • Custom Data Connectors
  • Custom Visuals
  • Power BI Embedded
  • Power BI REST API

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  • Got it ! If you let other users take over your dataflow , they can edit it. that's great .. but what if this users does not have grant acces to datasource used by that dataflow ?  That's what i have this error ------------------------------ Antoine Dirat ...

  • Hi @S B , In the desktop file, you can right click on the pages and hide them. This way no one will be able to see them on the service or on Publish to Web. If you are sharing the desktop file with someone, they will be able to see the hidden pages. ...

  • Hi Guys, Wish everyone doing well! Is there a way to share a PBI report without showing the pages names. I would like to add buttons to my reports to direct users towards charts and data. I don't want them fly over the pages and get lost.  Please help. ...

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    Trouble Dataflows

    Good Morning  I have some trouble since two days to open my dataflows :  the message i'v got : there was a problem opening your dataflow Please try again or contact your support. ID d'activité: 7fc8d275-bc05-46f1-b685-388b6a8cd5cb ...

  • HI @S B , There are several way to share your reports with other peoples: Publish to Web: the link you provided is a using the 'Publish to Web' feature and you must realize that the content is publicly available. See  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/service-publish-to-web ...

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