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Welcome to the Power BI for Developers special interest group

The focus of this SIG is the developer experience of Power BI, so if you want to learn about one of the following subjects, feel free to join:

  • Custom Data Connectors
  • Custom Visuals
  • Power BI Embedded
  • Power BI REST API

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    RE: Map

    Hi S B,  I got your requirements. Then I have a different advice: use the built-in visual called ArcGIS. It is native in Power BI. I'm authoring a series on http://www.sqlshack.com SQL Shack - articles about database auditing, server performance, ...

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    RE: Map

    Hi Andrea, Just to clarify my needs. I want to visualize the bubbles on the map representing (Employees, Suppliers, Customers, ...) at the same time on the map. For example, If I am zoom in on New York City, I want to see different colored bubbles for ...

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    RE: Map

    Hi SB, if you want to do layering, I advice to use a custom visual called MapBox. You can import and display asa many data and layers as you want. I'm available if you need further info.  Regards ------------------------------ Andrea Martorana Tusa ...

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    Good evening everyone, I would like to create a map visualization on Power BI using a Map, and add more than a variable on the Map. (Example, want to show customers, suppliers and employees on US map). In other words, want to create multiple layers ...

  • Hi @S B , I'm wasn't able to understand your response so please can you elaborate. Thank you,​ ------------------------------ Vishesh Jain Owner VR Construction ------------------------------

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