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  • Thanks for the feedback! Glad you find it helpful. Nice weekend ------------------------------ David Gerard Business Intelligence Consultant Épinal ------------------------------

  • Thank you so much Lutz! I was able to achieve what I wanted by: 1) creating a measure to return the count of the products that I wanted to include (in this case "DDD") - had to do this as I wasn't able to reference the column in the IF condition in ...

  • Hi David: I took another look at how you performed getting all those teams. I'm getting up to speed on M and I do see how what you did was really helpful for obtaining all those teams information with the steps you did. This will come in handy and I ...

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    RE: External visuals

    You are right to be cautious.  Especially when the visual claims to do some AI work that means that they will need to transport your data to their servers for processing.   The Microsoft seal of approval is a good start but it is not sufficient. Read ...

  • As always there are many ways to do that. The option with logic operators: Var x = if(count(product)>1 || product ="DDD",count,blank()) If you don't want to to write nested IF statements you can use the syntax sugar SWITCH(): Var x = switch(true(),count(product)>1,count,product ...

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  • Hi folks! In the last few days we have observed several news about the Coronavirus that started in China and around the world today is globalized in several regions of the world! My concern is to understand the seriousness of this moment and nothing ...

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