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  • If you are experienced with the Microsoft Power Platform and love sharing with the community, then now is your chance to step up and speak during Summit North America!   The community is coming back together,  in person , for an extraordinary ...

  • Hi Aimee, Just add another argument to filter on the type. assuming that the type field is in the 'MENA compare data' table I invite you to test this measure Rolling Total Units = VAR _lastvisibledate = LASTDATE ( 'Calendar'[Date] ) VAR _canmove12mback ...

  • Thank you very much Feras, You really helped me out. All I had to do was to change the SELECTEDVALUE() function to CALCULATE() cos I needed to use a calculated measure and it worked just like I wanted. God bless you. Thanks once again. ------------------------------ ...

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    Hi @Moshood Adeleye , if I understand your question correctly see below the measure ​ Rank = var trips=SELECTEDVALUE('Table'[#Trips]) return SWITCH(true(),trips<20,0,trips<39,1,trips<59,2,trips<79,3,4) see attach file too please ...

  • Hi @Srikanth Hari ,    Please review below points : Is the data model in the star schema ? Is there any relation between Trip Booking and Cost? Is there any relation between Activity and Cost? Is all relation between tables created ...

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  • ¿Les ha pasado que dentro de una misma sección en un cuadro de mando de Power BI, algunos usuarios prefieren gráficas de barras y otros prefieren una tabla sencilla y y quedamos analizando como cubrir esa solicitud? ¿O que algunos usuarios solicitan ver ...

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