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  • Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce three new community features on the   www.pbiusergroup.com   website! Please   read this blog post   for all the details on the new features, and here are the highlights: New reply notifications:   Participants ...

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  • It's not a bug, it's a feature.  Has been since a long time. View ... Selection pane   is your friend. ------------------------------ Lutz ------------------------------

  • Thank you Armando! That seems to be it.  Do you agree with Hasham that there is a bug here? Bruce ------------------------------ Bruce Ferguson Engineer Hunter Industries 7604021567 ------------------------------

  • Hello Hasham, Thanks for you reply.  That is exactly why I have having a hard time figuring this one out. Bruce ------------------------------ Bruce Ferguson Engineer Hunter Industries 7604021567 ------------------------------

  • We have a series of checks that are being performed. The results are saved in  2 columns. One is numeric and one stores the text value. We have Min and Max Values on the numeric checks and use that to calculate if a check was out of Spec. We are being ...

  • Hi Bruce, This surely seems to be a product bug, when i enabled new filter pane experience through Preview feature, i was able to see the [Finished Good or Spare] filter being applied on your [page1] visual. Surprisingly there is none filter appearing ...

  • There's a hidden working BuildTypeFilter slicer on the page. Plus lots and lots of other hidden slicers, but those are broken and don't contribute to the difference. ------------------------------ Lutz ------------------------------


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  • I’ve had the opportunity to attend several Academy classes: The CRMUG Administrator Blue belt and purple belt classes, Academy Excel Power Pivot, and Academy Power BI Blue belt.  Here are my top 5 reasons for taking these classes: 1. Lifelong Learning ...

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