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  • DAX for compare greater than / less than values between columns in same table

  • Thank @Ian MacIntosh . Yes referencing is an option but if its more than 50 distinct values, it would be a lot of work and would not be automated. But yes you are right, Power BI isn't built for this. May be I need to use Macros or something else for ...

  • Thanks Martin. Yes Paginated Report could be an option and then extracting in Excel but again if there are more than 50 fields then parameters would need to be passed 50 times.  You are, there may not be any solution for this in Power BI, maybe I can ...

  • duplicate fact tables are not ideal, but I've had a similar scenario where it worked. If your users will also use the dataset as a source for other PBI or Excel analysis I recommend building a separate measure table for those company-wide measures and ...

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    Need for help please

    Hello, I am looking for a solution to create a new column to determine the max of the ID_Analyse "by ID_Platform" example below. For example the max of ID_Analuse for Id_platform 5 is 858 ID_ANALYSEID ID_PLATFORM 797 ...

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  • ¿Les ha pasado que dentro de una misma sección en un cuadro de mando de Power BI, algunos usuarios prefieren gráficas de barras y otros prefieren una tabla sencilla y y quedamos analizando como cubrir esa solicitud? ¿O que algunos usuarios solicitan ...

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