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  • Hi, I am looking for some assistance in creating a dynamic table in Power Query based on certain conditions. My data model consists of the following table where every store and distribution centre is listed. A short sample is presented here. In ...

  • Hi, Please find the attached pbix , there are 4 pages in the report. I think some data modelling issue is there. Please check that when i filter on the basis of customer group in 2,3,4 th report values are not matching. 2nd report :-  Sales Vs Collection ...

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    How to create this table?

    Hello In this link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/visuals/power-bi-visualization-tables you see the table below: How can I create that table when my data is like the Table1 below: Womens Product 1      Price1     Last Year ...

  • Hello! Could somebody explain to me, with simple words, the concept of " Data Lineage " in DAX ? Thanks for your help ------------------------------ Gérard Ducouret ------------------------------

  • Hi  Ramar: I have attached the measures for you. I marked your date table as "Date Table" which is good to do when using the time intelligence functions in DAX. On that Date table you can add in months, years, etc to have a nice slicer. I put the chicklet ...

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  • Register for our no-charge webinar series to learn how to protect yourself from being a a target of cyber threats! With over 164.68 million sensitive records exposed in 2019, there has never been a greater need for cyber security training. ...

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