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  • Has anyone seen an issue with PBI Desktop where the page is off center. It now happens on all my reports, and started happening on the previous version last week.  Upgrading to the latest version has not helped.  The data and relationships views are all ...

  • I have written at length elsewhere about the logical approach required to accurately measure how many Incidents (Incident or otherwise) are open during a reporting period without resorting to hideous 'snap-shot' reporting. My other writing has always ...

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    Power BI New Version

    Does anyone know what is the new Chevron Power BI version. Katerina Maza kmih@chevron.com Chevron Supply & Trading 1600 Smith Street, 04653H Houston TX 77002 Tel 832-854-4314 Work Tel 415-260-7405 Mobile

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    Hi there, In September update Amanda showed  aggregations feature but she did not show how to create the aggregation table Is there any way I can get instruction (step by step) of how to create the aggregation table she showed in the video? From some ...

  • Hi Abby, So far I did not see any solution to export to PDF from PowerBI.com site. Even in the case of printing the report, you can able to print single at a time which is kinda frustrating.  Anyways, I am not sure if there any solution in Power BI ...

  • ​That might not be a bad idea but I am trying to learn more about what zones are laptops, SharePoint, and the Power BI Service, are in. I have contacted our architect and he wanted to see how the personal gateway works so he asked me to try it.  ...

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    RE: Date Slicer

    Hi Nancy,  I believe it is the Date table not the Dateadded field.  Format Date[date] to data type Date/Time format 3/14/2001 (M/d/yyyy). I was going to edit but pbix is linked to your one drive and I was denied access. ------------------------------ ...


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  • Hello All,  This is our second ATL local workshop  Data Modeling 101 with Power BI  Data is available in many forms. Structuring the data in a way that is easy to consume often presents a challenge. In this session, we will walk through some basic ...

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