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  • So.. one solution I found is to Join the Order table back on the other tables as an outer join.  I don't know the proper term, but I'd call this an extension table .  This allows for the original 1:1 relationship but also ensures that there are records ...

  • Hello Everyone, I need help to convert Date Column to Current Year /Month/Day. Current Column has previous year, current year date. Please help. Thank you. Kazi Rahman Business Analyst Customer Service Stryker ...

  • Hi Team, Need some info about PBI embedded and capabilities The requirement is business  wants to reduce the number of sign-in and clicks to achieve reports and dashboards  so to achieve that I have created a web app using Power bi Rest API using user ...

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    RE: Importing Data

    Just as a reminder, what connector are you using?  I think it depends on the programming of the individual connector if they have implemented locking or non-locking reads. ------------------------------ Lutz ------------------------------

  • Hi Mairin, Thanks for sharing, really very insightful document. It clears a lot of my questions. Regards, ------------------------------ Tuhin Tapadar Data Analyst Dublin 894164048 ------------------------------

  • To be clear, the Key/Value Pairs are pivoted so the Question ( Key ) is the column name.  This is what causes OrderID to be unique instead of a 1:* and is required in order to represent the Values in separate columns. Currently we are only bringing ...

  • Sorry for the delay in uploading, next time I will upload before leaving the PUG. On-Prem Database & Gateway Thank you to everyone who filled in the experience gaps. ------------------------------ Mairin Griffith IM Analyst Chevron Houston TX 7133723287 ...


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  • Did you know we offer a full schedule of training courses for these products? Year-round we hold Academy training classes either virtually, on-site, or both. We’re bringing in the experts to deliver the knowledge and skills you need to leverage these ...

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