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  • We usually update the gateway every month, but after 1 / 2 weeks of the release. ------------------------------ Yaswanth (Yash) Muthakapalle Greater Chicago Area, IL 3027249274 ------------------------------

  • By your screenshot, looks like you are in My Workspace.  Data Flow is available only in the workspace that is created and not available in "My Workspace" And there are other limitations as well.  If you want to use all the features that Flow offers, ...

  • @Martin Frisch :  I think, it is because of SSAS and SQL Server combinations.   I mostly get this error, when I have a On-Prem and Online data sources in the same PBIX for example, I have a SQL Server and SharePoint​ Online connection.  This file fails ...

  • For the report, that you do not want users not to download excel. Open that PBIX file, Go to "Options and settings" and "options". And under "Current File" --> "Report Settings" and choose Don't allow endusers........ under "Export Data" ------------------------------ ...

  • Is there a way to allow people to view a Power BI dashboard but not allow the data to be exported to excel? I guess I'm looking for more granular security options in dashboards, reports and app workspaces. Thanks ------------------------------ Daniel ...

  • Thanks very much - I will give it a shot and let you know how it works Mitch ------------------------------ Mitch Goldsmith DFIN SECAUCUS NJ ------------------------------

  • Hi @Mitch Goldsmith I am sorry, I just saw your message today. If I understand you correctly, the 10-Q at year out need not be filed necessarily in the 12 th month but can also be filed in the 11 or the 13 th month also. If so, the DAX ...


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  • Hello Power BI Enthusiasts! A few months ago we published our first Power BI custom visual titled Column Chart with Variance. It's free, and you can find it  here .  So far we've had good feedback from people who have used it, but we're always interested ...

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