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  • 1.  Basic question - PBI access for Mac users

    Posted Jun 04, 2022 11:45 AM
    Good morning, we use Power BI as our primary reporting and analytics tool for VERSO. We have several employees that own a MAC, and we are looking for the best way for these Mac users to access PBI reporting, and create reports (using Views created by Database administrator). We mostly use PBI desktop, but we can provide PBI Online for use as well, if it will help. Any recommendations on how to leverage PBI for Mac users? Thank you!  Bob

    Bob Foster

  • 2.  RE: Basic question - PBI access for Mac users

    Posted Jun 06, 2022 08:13 AM
    Edited by Ed Fox Jun 06, 2022 08:13 AM
    Good Day Bob,
    I'm a PBI developer but I prefer using my Mac as my primary machine.  For smaller models, Parallels seems to work fine, but for larger models, I remote desktop into my beefy windows machine.  I'm not a big fan of editing reports in the service, so I can't speak to that much.

    -Ed Fox

    Ed Fox


  • 3.  RE: Basic question - PBI access for Mac users

    Posted Jun 06, 2022 09:07 AM
    Thank you very much Ed! Have a great week,

    Bob Foster

  • 4.  RE: Basic question - PBI access for Mac users

    Posted Jun 07, 2022 06:44 PM
    Hi Bob,

    Just to make sure you have a complete understanding.
    Data Modelling (building tables & writing DAX) can only be done in Power BI Desktop, which is PC software only.
    Only the visualization of existing data models can be done in the service.

    Providing someone else is providing an appropriate data model, and your Mac users don't need to write DAX, then building reports online in the service is exactly the same experience as building in Desktop.

    hope this helps complete your understanding of what's possible.


    Jason Cockington
    Trainer & Consultant

  • 5.  RE: Basic question - PBI access for Mac users

    Top Contributor
    Posted Jun 07, 2022 08:20 AM
    It's currently in preview, but the new datamart feature is supposed to remove the need for people to use power bi desktop.

    "The datamart feature leverages the Power BI cloud service's dataflow facility, which had already implemented much of Power Query's user interface for the Web browser environment, removing the dependency on Power BI Desktop. But now the full model design experience has also been implemented in the browser. This is a nice option for Power BI users who would like to do everything in the cloud service, rather than splitting their efforts between there and the desktop."

    Another source:


    Lastly two guys and a cube have a few videos on the subject of datamarts on youtube. I haven't watched them to know what if any value they provide but I know they are out there.

    Sam Duval
    Data Quality Analyst
    Element Financial
    Indianapolis IN

  • 6.  RE: Basic question - PBI access for Mac users

    Posted Jun 07, 2022 10:19 AM
    Thanks Sam, great information, definitely researching this as an option

    Bob Foster

  • 7.  RE: Basic question - PBI access for Mac users

    Posted Jun 06, 2022 12:49 PM
    Hi Bob,

    We have one client that has MAC users. We publish the model to the cloud and they are accessing the PBI reports through the web browser. I think they are using Safari Mac. There is something called Parallels for Mac that allows you to run PBI. Also take a look at Turbo.net. Another option would be to have a desktop that you could remote connect to use PBI. (RDS)

    Hope that helps,

    Mark Wiley
    Senior Solutions Architect