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  • 1.  Display list of data across two columns to fit on one page

    Posted Dec 29, 2022 03:06 PM
    I have (several) lists of data to display on a very simple report.  I have two issues both with trying to get the data from these multiple lists to be able to display on one page.
    (1) How do I make it so that, regardless of the number of rows returned in the query, that the report section dynamically expands.
    (2) How can I spread the data across two columns?

    For example I have one list:  New Cases, that has two columns (Owner and Contact).  I don't know how many rows will be returned.
    I have a second list: Ongoing Cases, that has the same two columns,  I'd like to be able to create a report list this:

    Table 1: New Cases
    Owner                Contact                          Owner       Contact
    --------                 -----------                          --------       -----------
    Washington        Dave                              Kennedy        Julie
    Lincoln                Rich                               Ford              Ben

    Table 2: Ongoing Cases
    Owner                Contact                          Owner       Contact
    --------                 -----------                          --------       -----------
    Washington        Paul                              Kennedy        Joan
    Lincoln               Jason

    I don't know how many rows will be returned, but I want to split the data across the two columns so that both have the same number of rows.
    How can I define these report sections to spill the data from one result set across two columns?

    David Carr
    Visionary Software Consulting, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Display list of data across two columns to fit on one page

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted Jan 03, 2023 06:15 AM
    I don't think you can dynamically resize visualisations in Power BI.  If you use a paginated report you can though.

    To split the data into two columns, I would do something like:
    - add an index column
    - add a calculated column that is the MOD of the index column - MOD([Index],2) .
       - this will give either 0 or 1 for each row
    - create two visualisations and filter each to show either 0 or 1

    James Watts
    Business Intelligence Analyst