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  • 1.  Need DAX : Eligible For Prize

    Silver Contributor
    Posted 24 days ago
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    Hi All,

    I need help in DAX , I have scenario like i have more employee in organization  and each employee should create one incident in a month and in quarter three incident.

    1. if employee created incident one in Jan, one in Feb, one in Mar (Q1) then this employee eligible for prize

    2. if employee missed to created incident in any one of the month in quarter  then employee not eligible for prize

    same criteria apply for all quarters , attached some example data for you reference.

    Q1 Prize Eligible Person - Richard Tarnoviski,Alyssa Bistline

    Q2 Prize Eligible Person- Caleb Wolfram

    Ganesh Kumar


    incident data.xlsx   9 KB 1 version

  • 2.  RE: Need DAX : Eligible For Prize

    Top Contributor
    Posted 23 days ago
    Try below measure

    incident count = IF(HASONEVALUE(Prize[Incident Created By]),CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT(Prize[Month]),ALLEXCEPT(Prize,Prize[Quarter],Prize[Incident Created By])))

    This will return a no  of incident is created by user on each month of quarter.​
    If count is 3 the user is eligible for the prize.

    Output will be like this

    Farhan Ahmed
    Senior Business Intelligence Consultant