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Parameters and Paginated Reports

  • 1.  Parameters and Paginated Reports

    Posted 18 days ago
    I am a newbie to Paginated Reports.

    I created a paginated report which runs of a PowerBI Dataset. The paginated report is basically a review of the dataset, e.g. How many columns, how many tables, how many measures etc.

    I now have a requirement to include the review of a dataflow within the same report, e.g. 1 Report has one dataset and 1 dataflow.  So the paginated Report reviews the entire solution. I did this by added a paramtere to the dataset to point to a json file of the dataflow which is stored in a SharePoint Library.

    The problem i now have is that 1 report can have up to 5 dataflows.

    I can create 5 parameters on a dataset and point each parameter to a dataflow json file and then refresh and the paginated report will show all the 5 dataflow.

    However, what happens if i want to run a review on a report that has 0 dataflows or only 2 dataflows.  If i create 5 parameters, then all 5 parameters needs correct values else the report wont run.
    Also, the pagainted report wont work for me, as far as i know, i cant dynamically create a section on a report where i specify only show 2 dataflows, or 3 dataflows.

    Any ideas

    V S