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Power Bi custom visual using Charticulator

  • 1.  Power Bi custom visual using Charticulator

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted Jan 02, 2023 04:04 PM
    Edited by Gaurav Malpani 30 days ago
    Hello Experts,

    I managed to solve all my issues so please consider this closed. I tried but I could not mark it solved, also it was not possible to reply or delete post.

    For my organization, I created a custom visual using Microsoft Charticulator app where I need to show Product Release and its milestones on timeline view.
    I know it could be presented in other ways using default visuals but we require exactly same look and feel for our usage. So, I created this custom visual.
    Attaching both excel data source and PBI file for your reference.

    I completed most of it but I am stuck with couple of things mentioned below -

    • Charticulator doesn't work well with page slicers. I have data for 2 years - 2022 and 2023. If I select both or All it shows correct data but if I select only one year 2022 then it doesn't show all milestones.

    • I have two kind of release milestones - MR (represented using circles) and FP (represented using triangle shape). I would like to create a legend in charticulator to show what these different shapes mean. I tried but it is not working for me.
    • I would like to have a one more data axis at bottom or top to show year, so that user can see what was there in 2022 and what is forecasted for 2023. I tried creating additional data axis but it cannot be co-related with rest of the data - Year/Month view.

    Request quick help to create the custom visuals.



    Book1_csv.csv   562 B 1 version
    Roadmap visuals.pbix   3.33 MB 1 version