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Power BI: Double noob Question: Baseline & Time Line

  • 1.  Power BI: Double noob Question: Baseline & Time Line

    Posted 12 days ago

    Hello everyone,


    Brand new here and extremely (and I mean extremely) new to Power BI.  At work we're trying to get Power BI Online intergrated into our SharePoint site (lots of jumping around happening) so I've been slowly working on learning how to use PBI.  My manager has asked to have a variety of visual provided to simulate what things will look like in the future when we start working in and connecting data together, etc.

    So two things I've not come across during my limited courses I've been taking is, how to assign a baseline so we can say, everything about this number will show in red, everything under this line will be green and having it display this by a month to month situation.  Ie.  Jan/Feb/Mar/April/May, etc across the bottom and numbers riding up the side would be between 0-50 lets say and everything below 5-10 is green, everything 11-50 red for fails.

    The OTHER request is, how can we show projects that have met their deadlines, on track to meet their deadlines and most importantly failed to meet them.  I don't have any data sheets to provide because it's really just make up stuff to simulate things. 

    Currently the headers I have in the excel file I created are:  Project Name, Status (On Target, Completed, Behind Plan) Phase (this just has Design, Not Started, Build & Test under it), and then finally Target Date

    My initial thought was to figure out a formula that says, if Status shows X, X, or X then Target Date wold be red, green or blue? but honestly I'm so new I'm clueless to how this would work.

    Thanks in advance for your help with helping me figure this out!!

    Mike Logan