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Power BI Firm, How do you run it ?

  • 1.  Power BI Firm, How do you run it ?

    Posted Jul 17, 2022 11:21 AM

    I was wondering if any of you run/work in a Firm that does Power BI Consulting/Development mainly, as i'm interested in doing that myself

    • How do you acquire clients ?

    • Do you price your work hourly ?

    • What kind of customers are interested in outsourcing Power BI work rather than doing it themselves ?

    • Do you work internationally or locally ?

    • Permanent Employees(consultants) or Contractors ?

    • Is running a Power BI firm a good business in general ? or should you diversify ?

    • Any insights you would like to share with the community about Power BI Business ?

    Looking forward to get your opinions on this

    Paul Owens