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Subject: Auto Detect Relationships

1.  Auto Detect Relationships

Posted 09-15-2017 16:48
I am attempting to create my first report using the DirectQuery of the measures provided by the D365OF Entity Store.  This is in a development instance running D365 PU10 and the Spring 2017 application release.

I've downloaded the various Power BI reports from LCS and I am using the as a guide.  If I open the Sales and Profitability report ​and review the model, I see various Entities (Customer, Invoices, InvoiceLines, Product, etc.) with the relationships defined.  However, if I create a new report using the same DirectQuery connection and select the same Entities, none of the relationships are there.  Auto detect of relationships is turned on.

Can someone explain why I am not seeing any relationships between entities?

Mark Schurmann
Accounting Systems Manager
Automobile Protection Corp
Norcross GA