Be a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Power BI User Groups (PUGs). As a community built by users for its groups, PUG relies on our volunteer efforts to help us grow and flourish. Our Volunteer Program provides an avenue for user group members to get further engaged by sharing their time and talents while developing personally and professionally, making a meaningful impact, and being recognized for their valuable contributions. 

Your time is important and we appreciate your participation!

Getting started

Complete your PUG volunteer profile so that we can match you with volunteer opportunities. Want to be notified as soon as a new opportunity opens up that matches your qualifications and interests? Just set the 'Invite me to volunteer when opportunities match my expertise?' toggle from 'Yes to 'No' on your volunteer profile to receive invitations.

Interested in starting a new PUG? Fill out a form to apply to start a brand new user group in your area.

Check out the volunteer opportunities list below! You will find everything from online commitments of less than 10 minutes to longer term leadership positions.


Volunteering can give you an edge throughout your career development, as well as be rewarding. You can:

  • Earn PUG engagement points for each volunteer opportunity
  • Network with other Power BI Users
  • Become a thought leader by sharing your knowledge with others

Be a Speaker

The Power BI User Groups (PUGs) is pleased to provide an opportunity for Power BI users and industry partners to have a directory of speakers who deliver current and relevant information on the standards and practices within the industry. The PUG Speakers Bureau is a roster of PUG user group members who are willing to better our industry by sharing their expertise through the delivery of presentations to other users and the public. This program is open for participation from all user group members in good standing. Be recognized for your years of Power BI experience and knowledge, and get recognized as a thought leader.

Complete your PUG speaker profile so that other users can easily find YOU as the answer their education needs on the Speaker Directory.  Just set the 'Show my speaker profile in search results?' toggle from 'Yes to 'No' to Yes to have your results show up in the directory.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us

Volunteer Opportunities

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10-15-2018 Small Project (up to 40 hours total) 240  points
Phoenix Conference Center, Phoenix, AZ 85004
08-01-2018 Short Task (a few hours) 12  points
Online Opportunity
06-29-2018 Small Project (up to 40 hours total) 48  points
05-30-2018 Quick Task (less than an hour) 4  points
Online Opportunity
05-19-2018 Small Project (up to 40 hours total) 300  points
Online Opportunity
05-18-2018 Small Project (up to 40 hours total) 300  points
04-27-2018 Short Task (a few hours) 8  points
Online Opportunity
04-19-2018 Small Project (up to 40 hours total) 300  points
04-19-2018 Quick Task (less than an hour) 4  points
Online Opportunity
04-19-2018 Small Project (up to 40 hours total) 160  points
Online Opportunity