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Service Project - Pep Talk Hub

Starts: Mar 08, 2019
Location: Online Opportunity


Hey all,

I had this idea for a dashboard or report that women could use to hear inspiring messages from their peers. I was thinking of having Some system where people could submit a link to a video of them giving an encouraging pep talk to other women in IT (and an admin somewhere can review and approve). Then have either one big button on a page, you hit that button, and it would take you to a random video in that set. Or we could have specific buttons if you want to hear a pep talk about imposter syndrome, one about being the only woman on your team, etc, etc.

Another feature could be that if you submit a pep talk, each time someone views it, you get some kind of notification that you've inspired someone today. Maybe even keep track of views so it can say and you've inspired XXX number of women since this project began.

Volunteers Needed:

25 (25 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Liz Amador
WGU North Carolina

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