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Online Presentations for April Session (Merge & Append)

Starts: Apr 06, 2020
Location: Online Opportunity


We're looking for three or four people to provide 10- to 15-minute demos on merging or appending datasets. I have the datasets and content outlines for our April 7 session. With my rural broadband connection, my audio breaks up when I share my screen.

So, if you have been wanting to present to the group but haven't had the time to put together the content, this is your moment!

We're using the Austin Animal Shelter dataset for Tuesday. The source report is made of:

  • animal type [cats, dogs, birds, livestock, other)
  • intake details
  • outcome details.

Each critter has a unique Animal ID. I split this into datasets for various discussion points.


  • Demo 1 (15 minutes + Qs): Merge the Livestock Intake and Outcome files
    1. Why did MS bury the Edit Query button?!?!
    2. Remove Rows >> Remove blank rows to make dataset process faster
    3. Merge Queries >> Merge VS Merge as New
    4. Merge on Animal ID
    5. What is all this info on the Merge page?
      1. Join kinds
      2. Fuzzy options
      3. # of matching rows (what if these values differ?)
      4. After the merge, Dataset #2 appears as a Table. Expand this to use columns.
        1. You can sort the column names
        2. Expand vs Aggregate
        3. Column name as prefix (keeps it organized, but makes long field names)
      1. Rename the merge; Close and Apply
      2. Discuss final results
  • Demo 2 (10 minutes + Qs): Same format as Demo 1, using Bird Intake/Outcome files.
    1. This is the second time people are seeing the process, so expect additional questions
    2. Discuss questions.
  • Demo 3 (15 minutes + Qs): Append Datasets
    1. Bird Intake + Cat Intake datasets
    2. Append vs Append as New
    3. Append, Rename new query
    4. Discuss issues/solutions, like different column names for the same data.
  •  Demo 4 (10 minutes + Qs): Append Cats Intake and Dogs Intake
    1. Go through process
    2. Highlight possible trouble spots
    3. Dog dataset has dog breed columns, Cat dataset doesn’t. Options for what to do?
    4. Colored status bar under column headers
    5. Answer questions


    Power BI

    Volunteers Needed:

    4 (4 open slots)

    Experience Required:

    1 to 3 Years Industry Experience




    Michelle Haynes

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