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User Groups and Virtual Communities

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Abu Dhabi Power BI User Group  

Welcome Onboard, We believe that Power BI is a game changer that can transform the way we conduct business, leverage meaningful data insights and create stunning BI reports out of different systems and data sources. Abu Dhabi Power BI User Group is pleased to welcome you. As a new member in our family, we would like to assure you that our group will spare no effort to maximize your potential and benefits. You will be entitled to attend numerous workshops, seminars and educational sessions that will help position Power BI as a market leader in BI solutions within Abu Dhabi. The contribution of each member is crucial to the continuously improve the user experience, content and value of this user group within community.

  last person joined 5 days ago

Adelaide Power BI User Group  

The Adelaide Power BI user group exists to help. To learn about Power BI, to help you connect with other BI and Analytics professionals, to keep you up to date with releases, tips, tricks and more. Our aim is to create a community within Adelaide that will help members grow their knowledge, network and experience with all components of Power BI. For Adelaide, SA, Australia

  last person joined 10 days ago

Anchorage Power BI User Group  

Hello, this User Group is created to learn, educate, and share fun tips in the Anchorage area.

  last person joined one month ago

Atlanta Business Intelligence Group  

Meet other local Business Intelligence fans to discuss the Microsoft BI Platform. Unless otherwise announced, we meet on the last Monday of every month. Membership is complimentary but please register here and at sqlpass.org to associate with our group. In Atlanta, GA, USA

  last person joined 4 days ago

Auckland Power BI Super Users  

New Zealand base / Global reach
This user group bring together all analysts, excel users and data specialists who want to do game changing things with data using the Power BI suite of tools.

  last person joined 26 days ago

Austin Power BI User Group  

Welcome to the Austin Texas Power BI User Group -- a group focused on sharing best practices and best ideas for deploying Power BI. We are excited to leverage the unique and diverse talent pool located in Austin to help expand the abilities of beginners and experts alike.

  last person joined 5 days ago

Baton Rouge Power BI User Group  

Baton Rouge Power BI User Group, a partner of the Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group, meets at the Louisiana Technology Park on Florida Blvd in Baton Rouge, LA.

  last person joined 3 days ago

Belfast Power BI User Group  

This group is for all users of MS Power BI who are located in Belfast but we welcome everyone who uses Power BI in Ireland. Please use this space and our group to ask questions, network, share best practices and attend events. We look forward to meeting you and to your contributions!

  last person joined 4 days ago

Belgian Power BI User Group  

At DataMinds.be we are passionate about data and how Microsoft technologies help you store, transform and get insights into your data. The goal of our user group is to share experiences, enthusiasm and knowledge about Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI and the Microsoft Data Platform more broadly. Join us at www.dataminds.be

  last person joined 8 days ago

Bellingham Power BI User Group  

The Bellingham Power BI User Group follows the lead of nearby groups in Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC. Join us to discuss Power BI and related tools, their applications, tips, tricks, successes and failures. This meetup is open to people of all experience levels, from beginners to experts. Bellingham, WA USA

  last person joined 4 days ago

Berlin Power BI User Group  

Welcome to the Berlin Power BI User Group! We plan to meet regularly to share the latest insights and tips, as well as to get to know each other and network. Berlin is the capital of Europe's startup scene, attracting talent from all over Europe in a multi-cultural and diverse environment where everyone can learn from one another. Companies who are looking to grow their Power BI expertise and reach in the valuable Analyst job market are always welcome to contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

  last person joined 9 days ago

Birmingham Modern Excel & Power BI User Group  

Power BI User Groups (PUGs) bring passionate Power BI people together to share, learn and grow their skills and opportunities. Come and share best practices, learn the latest features, connect with other Power BI enthusiasts in Birmingham and have FUN! Birmingham, AL, USA

  last person joined 4 days ago

Boston BI User Group  

Welcome to the Boston BI User Group! We meet every month at the Microsoft office in Burlington, MA with events from across the MS Data and Analytics ecosystem.

  last person joined 2 hours ago

Bratislava Power BI User Group  

Ahoj a vítaj ! Power BI začína byť veľmi užitočná platforma ako pre všetky veľkosti spoločností tak aj pre školstvo výskum vedu, nadšencov a jednotlivcov. Preto to treba využiť. Založili sme túto skupinu aby sme si vymieňali informácie nápady návody a možnosti a ak nám to všetkým dovolia pracovné povinnosti zorganizujeme aj nejaké tie osobné stretnutia

  last person joined one month ago

Business Intelligence LATAM  

El objetivo de “Business Intelligence LATAM”, es promover a nivel latinoamericano las tecnologías relacionas a la Inteligencia de Negocios, compartiendo constantemente temas de interés, papers, discusiones, noticias del tema entre otros. San José, Costa Rica

  last person joined one month ago

Cairo Power BI User Group  

Welcome to Cairo Egypt Power BI User Group, the aim is to exchange information, knowledge, best practices in Power BI, and to encourage business users to use the Power BI in their environment.

  last person joined yesterday

Calgary Power BI User Group  

The Calgary Power BI User Group (YYCPUG) meets (Power) BI-Monthly. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  last person joined yesterday

Cape Town Power BI User Group  

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
We are a group of Power BI users and enthusiasts in the Cape Town area, looking to connect with others to have interesting discussions and exchange ideas. We meet monthly to go over the latest updates to Power BI, help new users get started, and explore specific topics in detail. All are welcome, from beginners to experts.

  last person joined 9 days ago

Carolina Power BI User Group  

Greenville, SC, USA The Carolina Power BI User Group seeks to share best practices, innovative speakers and information about new products to those in our community actively developing BI projects and to those who are interested in BI for their own needs. We will be focusing on Microsoft PowerBI and DataZen at each meeting to find new and exciting ways to employ the products.Location: Greenville, SC, USA
URL: https://carolina-power-bi-user-group.silkstart.com/events

  last person joined 9 days ago

Charleston Power BI User Group  

Microsoft and it managed Partner in the Charleston area are hosting a local Power BI group to assist companies and their BI team members to learn more about Power BI locally and its capabilities. The focus of the group is to share success stories, lessons learned in order to help BI developers increase adoption of analytics within their companies, and be able to ensure the success of their Power BI projects.

  last person joined 25 days ago



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