Three Methods for using Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics

When:  Jul 27, 2021 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM (PT)
Azure Synapse is Microsoft’s product for combining all sorts of data in the cloud and is designed to be the single source of data for the entire organization. As Azure Synapse becomes more popular, it will become more important to learn how to use it with Power BI.

MVP Ginger Grant will show how to configure Synapse to incorporate Power BI workspaces, connect and create Azure Synapse data sources with Power BI, and explore data exploration with Power BI.

You will learn:

* Which situations are useful for Azure Synapse and why its features are helpful when architecting Power BI Solutions
* The parquet format, why it is used, and the best ways to connect to this data using Azure Synapse
* About logical databases in Azure Synapse, reasons for their creation and how to connect with them in Power BI
* About different data sources are created and how they can be incorporated into Power BI
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Mark Ginnebaugh