Portland Power BI Meetup - November

When:  Nov 20, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PT)

RADU BOBIRNAC (Malarkey Roofing Products) - Scraping Data The Easy Way


Using BeautifulSoup library in Python can give you a lot of flexibility. The downside is, if you don't have them already installed, is needing a pip install for soup, a request library, and a lxml, or html5 parser. Power BI has a faster way of scraping data, but at the cost of waiting for PowerQuery to parse through each page.


Radu Bobirnac's passion is in bringing datasets together to show the bigger picture in the simplest possible way. Radu's desire for speed and service of staff have led him to use Power BI to paint an internal sales picture. In addition to the amazing staff at CSG, his superheroes include Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari

CHRIS WEIS (Columbia Sportswear) – Four Slick Power BI Visualizations You Need to Know! 

A crash course in four fresh and uniquely useful visualizations.  Amplify your interactive analytic UX by learning how they work and what they do:
1. New Q&A visual,
2. Visio Custom visual,
3. [SECRET SURPRISE] visual, and
4. Azure Maps 

Chris is a member of Columbia Sportswear's Enterprise Information Management (EIM) team, focused on delivering reporting, analytics and data management services.  He has two decades of expertise in Business Intelligence (BI) design, architecture and thought leadership from his time working in one of General Electric's first BI teams, and as Director of Business Intelligence at Ubisoft in San Francisco.  He has shaped the strategy and implementation of information delivery, data warehouse, and data governance solutions, and has been passionate about the business value of data from his first VisiCalc spreadsheets to the latest monthly feature releases of Power BI.

DAVID BERGLIN (BBSI) - DAX Dependencies and PBIX Versioning


You and your team build great Power BI reports: complex, insightful, and beautiful reports. On Tuesday, the team is out for an extended lunch (tacos) when the boss asks for a "quick fix". Why ask for more time? Just whip out your PowerShell. I'll show you how to: A) Unravel the spaghetti of complex Dax dependencies so you can see the impact of your edits. B) See what your taco-occupied friends changed in your latest PBIX reporting files. This PowerShell script is an easy tool to give you enormous visibility into your Power BI Desktop reports. 


David is a senior software developer who recently discovered Power BI. "I need an easier way to figure this out" he once thought to himself. His learning curve will propel your own. He writes software that helps him write software. (hint: it'll help you too).


Providence St. Vincent Hospital - East Pavilion - Southern Classroom/Auditorium
9155 SW Barnes Rd
Portland, OR 97225
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