Pacific Northwest Power BI Symposium

When:  Jul 26, 2018 from 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM (PT)
Associated with  Portland Power BI User Group

*EVENT IS NOT OPEN TO CONSULTANTS OR VENDORS - reach out to for sponsorship options


3:00 ; check-in and registration

3:45 ; guide guests to workshops

4:00 ; workshops commence, ONLY REGISTER FOR ONE:

           workshop 1 – TRISTAN MALHERBE (AZEO) - Power Query to Create a Calendar Table

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           workshop 2 – PAUL TURLEY (CSG Pro) - Model and Visualize Financial and Accounting Data with Power BI and Excel

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5:00 ; workshops wrap up, seating in main event area (dinner served / networking)

5:45 ; presentation intro - RON ELLIS GAUT (CSG Pro / Portland Power BI User Group Leader)

6:00 ; presentation 1 – BRIAN GRANT (CSG Pro) - Shining a New Light on Calculate

6:45 ; presentation 2 – ADAM SAXTON (Microsoft / Guy in a Cube) - Business Applications Summit Recap

7:30 ; presentation 3 – MATT ALLINGTON (Excelerator BI) - DAX as a Query Language

8:15 ; closing remarks

8:30 PM ; event ends



TRISTAN MALHERBE (AZEO) - Power Query to Create a Calendar Table

Tristan Malherbe is a Consultant at AZEO in Paris, France. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the Paris Power BI User Group Leader. Tristan frequently speaks at both international (London, Copenhagen, Dublin) and local conferences (Paris meetup, webinars) about advanced data analysis, modelling, and visualization on Power BI.


Tristan will be leading a workshop session on how to build a proper calendar table using Power Query and M language. Calendar tables are an absolute requirement for time-intelligence calculations in Power BI. In this session, Tristan will show you how you can build one from scratch!

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PAUL TURLEY (CSG Pro) - Model and Visualize Financial and Accounting Data with Power BI and Excel

Paul is a Business Analytics Consultant for CSG Pro and the owner and Principal Consultant for Intelligent Business LLC.  He is a Mentor and Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the Microsoft Data Platform, specializing in BI reporting, data modeling, analytics and data visualization solutions.  He’s an active member of the Business Intelligence and SQL Server community, and Director of the Oregon SQL user group.  With deep expertise in Microsoft data platform and business analytics technologies; he has been architecting, managing and developing applications and business intelligence solutions since 1992.  Paul has experience in many industries including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, education, government, retail, insurance, finance, software, technology, entertainment and communications. Paul has developed database, BI, and reporting solutions for many large and small organizations throughout the world.  


This workshop will guide you through the process to create a multi-level chart of accounts used to analyze an accounting ledger containing debit and credit accounts.  This exercise is intended to be challenging and realistic, and you will be adding several complex calculations with provided working code and reference solution files.  You will apply conditional calculations to roll-up account totals and correctly balance a financial ledger.  Advanced DAX expressions will be used to apply unary operators and iterator functions to sum up account totals using row-level expressions.  After modeling and calculating, you will create a scorecard report using Power BI and an Excel workbook report using a pivot table and cube functions.


Prior experience with Power BI Desktop is required, and some basic experience with DAX is helpful.


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BRIAN GRANT (CSG Pro) - Shining a New Light on Calculate

Brian Grant is a masterful Business Analytics Consultant at CSG Pro by day, and a Power BI legend by night. Brian's passion for Power BI has led him to holistically master the tool from all three perspectives: M, DAX, and the visualization layer. He also has a passion for teaching and is constantly uploading new material to YouTube, blogging, and leading Power BI training sessions for clients. 


The good news is that if you want to move from being a beginning to an intermediate DAX user there's actually only one function that you need to understand. The bad news is that one function is CALCULATE(). The crossroad of the DAX world, it is the single function through which all other functions flow. All your power in DAX emanates from it, and once you can wield it, the walls around you drop and the possibilities extend across the horizon. Trying to write DAX without understanding CALCULATE() is like trying to survive in the Matrix without taking the blue pill. Or trying to play Portal without Portals. The challenge is that because it's primary goal is to bend the rules of aggregation it is by it's nature tricky and hard to pick up. In isolation individual ideas make sense, but as soon as you go to use it the whole thing falls apart. In this presentation CSG Pro's Brian Grant will give you a new perspective on this function that will attempt to help you understand both how to think about it, as well as how it mechanically works. If you're new to DAX or you feel like you're lack of understanding of Calculate is keeping you from scaling mount DAX in just the way you'd like then this presentation is for you. 


ADAM SAXTON (Microsoft / Guy in a Cube) - Business Applications Summit Recap

Adam is a Senior Program Manager for the Power BI CAT team helping customers adopt Power BI. He is better known as his alter ego, Guy in a Cube ( Adam has been working with Power BI since the beginning and helped to shape the support team when it was launched. He has been in a cube since 1995 and regardless of role has always helped people.


Adam will be giving a recap on all the insight and happenings from this year's Business Applications Summit. He will also be demonstrating new features in Power BI.


MATT ALLINGTON (Excelerator BI) - DAX as a Query Language

Matt Allington is a career data professional that has spent more than 30 years leveraging data to drive success.  In 2014 Matt left the corporate world to start his own company (Excelerator BI) and now works full time to help others to use Microsoft BI products (Power BI, Power Pivot for Excel, Power Query for Excel).  Matt is Microsoft MVP based in Sydney Australia, however has a global reach through his blog at


In 2011, Microsoft released the Vertipaq (also called xVelocity) database technology on the world.  Vertipaq is the database technology that is better known as Power Pivot, Power BI and SSAS Tabular Edition.  Many people (business and IT) already use Power Pivot, Power BI and SSAS Tabular to produce reporting and analytics tools.  But did you know that these tools also have their own query language? In traditional databases such as SQL server, it is possible to extract data into a new table.  The same is possible using DAX as a query language with a tabular data model.


In this session, Matt will introduce the topic and show how you can use DAX Studio to connect to a data model.  Once connected, DAX studio can be used to write queries over the tabular data model to start to interrogate the data itself (as opposed to simply aggregating the values into a pivot table or a Power BI report).  The learning can then be used to write more complex DAX measures or alternatively it can be used to extract tabular data directly into a table for further analysis.


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