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Taryn Myers is part nerd, part artist. She loves her spreadsheets that she lives in yet graduated with an art degree specializing in oil paints, charcoal, and mosaics. She is a special balance of spontaneity and planner, and with over 15 years’ experience in the media, marketing, and analytics world, she has taken the time to observe, learn and explore better ways to do things. She never takes anything at face-value. Rather, her inquisitive mind always digs deeper into the “why?” This combination of skills and values has lead Taryn to where she is today.

Taryn has planned and delivered comprehensive integrated marketing strategy and media plans for brands such as BankNewport, Cannon Mountain, Champion Seed of Iowa, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Corvias Campus Living, Destination Salem (Mass), FarmWell Seed, Great Bay Community College, Hampton Ford Hyundai, HarborOne Bank, HomeWorks Energy, Mission of Hope, Nova Star Cruises, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem Inn, Progeny Ag, Taylor Seed Farms, York Art Association, and many more. She has also provided in-depth research to plan new product development, provide executive sales projections, among other analytics projects.

When Taryn isn't deep in reports and strategy, she is on the Board of Directors for the York Art Association and raising her amazing daughter with her husband in beautiful Maine.