Kumail Raza

Kumail Raza

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Kumail Raza


Business Analyst and Business Intelligence Practitioner
Graduate in Finance and Computer Science with 9 years of cumulative professional experience.

Recent Certifications
-Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI (Microsoft Corporation - Grade: 94%)
-Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics (Columbia University - Grade: 95%)
-Principles of Machine Learning (Microsoft Corporation - Grade: 97%)

Experience includes
-Applauded visualization and BI reports
-Data Sources that I worked on MS SQL, Access Database, Excel workbook, Google Sheets, MYSQL, SmartSheets, Facebook and Youtube Api, Quickbook and various CRM connectors. 
-Extract Transform Load,
-Data Modelling and
-Reporting on defined information requirements

-Engineered requirements for Real Estate Transaction Management with Accounting,
-Customer Relationship Management and Sales Management while working remotely for a real estate agency in Canada.

Hands on experience (Intermediate to Advance level) on following tool;
Business Intelligence | Analytics: Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, Microsoft Power BI, Mode Analytics, Microsoft Excel / Google Spreadsheet, Python (Pandas, Openpyxl, matplotlib)

Project Management: Wrike, GetFlow, Jira.

Documentation: Confluence, Dropbox Paper, Dropbox. Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Diagram | Wireframe | Mockups: Balsamiq Mockups,, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel and Word Smart Art Graphic.

Programming Languages: Python, Google Scripting, VBA in Excel.
Analyzed CRM Applications: ZOHO CRM, Rethink Residential and Commercial (Built on Salesforce Platform), Podio, Planplus, ConvergeEnterprise, dotloop, Microsoft Dynamics.