Rhett Sypher

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I have been with Benefitfocus for 5 years and currently serve as a Business Intelligence Engineer on our Internal Applications (Enterprise Business Systems) team. I was the driving force behind our utilization and implementation of Power BI company wide to provide an internal business intelligence platform. I manage and administer our Power BI tenant ,as well as, the development and implementation of governance policies and best practices related to the use and deployment of Power BI. I also develop and engineer solutions to complex reporting issues through the use of MS Excel, Powershell, SSIS integrations, SSRS, and MS SQL Server development. 

Prior to my career at Benefitfocus I spent 18 plus years in various management roles ranging from General Manager to Director of Purchasing in the foodservice industry. It is here that I grew to love MS Excel and the possibilities of that platform which enabled my transition to Benefitfocus.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife and four children and participating in their activities from coaching baseball to Cub Scouts.