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Imagine a world where…

* you can get the reports you need on demand
* you don’t have to put in late nights closing the books
* your data is served up accurately
* your data is flexible and keeps up with business needs
* you can easily integrate non-accounting data sources
* you have time for analysis and uncovering insights

If that’s not your reality yet, we’re pretty sure we know what your problem is: you’re trying to use humans to do work that a data warehouse can do 100x better, 100x faster. In other words, you need better data management. You need Xerva.

Xerva helps financial professionals like you harness the power of data automation so your data is always accessible, accurate, and actionable. How do we do it? Simple! We centralize, organize, and clean your data in a fully-managed data warehouse that we build and maintain for you.
Some financial managers struggle to see the need for better data management in their departments, but once you tally up the hours being wasted on data-related tasks, the numbers start to speak for themselves.

BTW, we’re also pretty sure all your accounting and finance people would rather be adding value by doing things like analysis and uncovering insights anyways (you know, all the NOT soul-crushing stuff that human beings actually enjoy doing.) So do yourself and the humans you work with a huge favor: get Xerva.

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