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I have been working with Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) since 2003. For the last couple of years, Microsoft Azure has become an increasingly bigger par of my everyday chores. Currently I am managing a POS based Business Intelligence as a Service platform including technologies such as Sharepoint, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services well as some PowerBI in addition to the infrastructure - which I am determined to automate as much as possible using PowerShell.

In m spare time I currently challenge myself with home grown Internet of Things projects. Spanning Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows 10 IoT Core, Raspberry Pi, Python, Arduino, Azure IoT Hub and PowerBI.

Key areas from my previous work
# Pseudo MDX to MDX engine through .NET
# Building and maintaining a datawarehouse through meta data
# Integration Services, SSIS, package development and deployment
# Reporting Services, SSRS, report development and deployment
# Analysis Services, SSAS, cube development, performance tuning and deployment
# Solution / Infrastructure architecture
# Data Mining in both Visual Studio Data Tools & Excel
# Data Integration

Tech. list:
MS SQL Server (2000, ..., 2016)
MS Visual Studio .Net (2003, ..., 2015)
.Net framework 1.0, ... , 4.6.2
.Net Core
Teradata 13.10, 14.00
Team Foundation Server 2015

Specialties: Architecture, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Custom Extensions to MS SQL Server stack
Domains: POS Data, Government Budgeting, Health Care Sector, Transportation, Logistics

Speaker at: See link

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