Charles Adams


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As I have moved forward both educationally and professionally, I have come to better understand how quality impacts everything both inside and outside companies. Personally, I do not believe there is one thing that can affect both an organization and the economy (or economies) the organization operates in more than quality.

I have had general studies in a lot of areas, and I feel like I will move more toward specializing in quality in whatever it is I do in the future. I want to do something that helps people, and qualitatively improving processes, products, or services is something I feel can help people in a big way.

I'm committed to making peoples' lives better either by changing existing products or introducing new ones. I'm a customer advocate; I get excited about bringing the customer's voice into every meeting I'm a part of. I love engaging different business units within my organization in an attempt to improve our products. I work with and provide service to some of the smartest people I have ever met.