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WHAT WE DO: Public Insight transforms public data into actionable insights for benchmarking, strategic planning, and market discovery. Public Insight has solutions in higher education, workforce, and healthcare. 

WHY IT WORKS: Data is not the problem. We are surrounded by data. The issue is getting that data into a form that is optimally usable. Our goal is to create datasets that render complex analysis in seconds. 

HOW IT WORKS: Public Insight transforms disparate data into a optimized Power BI analytic datasets to solve a particular industry problem. We leverage the power of the technology to allow any user to be a citizen data scientist. 

HOW TO USE: We are a subscription service for self-service analysis and pre-packaged analytic datasets. 

INDUSTRIES: Our focus is on higher education, healthcare, and workforce. We are continuously building out our data sets and keep them updated as the various government agencies release new data.