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WHAT WE DO: Public Insight optimizes the utility of public facing data for analyzing colleges, health providers, and communities.

WHY IT WORKS: We combine and interconnect large disparate data sets such as American Community Survey, Department of Education, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services into a single data warehouse. We then provide a suite of analytic tools that works with this data AS A WHOLE rather than individually.

HOW IT WORKS: Public Insight translates each data source into a master data catalog. It is kind of like the master shelving system for a Costco data supermarket. You then can use the analytical tools to not only browse the data but filter, mashup, and export any combination of data metrics the way you want it. It is like now combining ingredients from the Costco data supermarket into a unique cake. Public Insight was built to allow anyone to analyze public data.

HOW TO USE: You can browse most public data sets in Public Insight for free. We charge subscriptions for the various analytical tools and for subscriber only content.

INDUSTRIES: Our focus is on higher education, health, and communities. We are continuously building out our data sets and keep them updated as the various government agencies release new data.