Arnie Boyarsky

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I grew up in San Diego in the 70's. When the first Apple computer came out in 1978 I was in Junior High. I wanted one really badly so I took all my Bar Mitzvah money ($1,300) and my dad took me to pick up an Apple ][. He thought I was crazy.

In college at UCLA, I studied Physics, Flying, Astronomy and Computers.

I paid the bills working at Price Waterhouse in Century City, CA, first teaching everyone how to use computers, then as an analyst. During this time, I also became a flight instructor and commercial pilot, specializing in teaching emergency flight maneuvers training and how to get out of some really sticky situations. I also flew the solo aerobatic airshow circuit for a couple years (good times for sure).

For over 20 years I was CEO of Info 2 Extreme, Inc., a full service IT Solution Provider specializing in IT Managed Services, Internet Data Center Operations, High Performance Network Design, Network Monitoring, Helpdesk, Cybersecurity, and Software Development (website design and mobile applications).

In 2018 I partnered with another IT company and created SugarShot.  A new type of technology company focused on a holistic approach to technology management.

I fly, dive, exercise, develop really cool things and hang out with my family.