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* 45+ years experience with design and development of databases, database software, and business data migration and analytics.  This includes 15+ years of database and database software development and 20+ years experience working with Microsoft SQL Server starting with version 7 writing T-SQL code, including DDL, DML, TCL and DCL (Creating Databases, Tables, Indexes, Constraints, Triggers, Scripts, Stored Procedures, UDF's, Derived Tables, CTE's, Transactions, Permissions, etc.). C# .NET database software development.

* In 2010, introduced to the Microsoft SQL Server BI technologies and worked with a team of Data Warehouse design experts to create and administer the ETL process using SSIS packages and the processing of multi-dimensional cubes using SSAS. Developed reports and administered the reports server using SSRS. 

* Introduced to Microsoft Power BI and the tabular data model in 2016. Currently, the lead in the on-going development of large datasets to share among multiple Power BI reports and dashboard projects. Have provided pre-created, encapsulated data models with datasets for specific end-users for use in their Power BI projects.  This project has been on-going, with the source of the data coming from various data sources into a central SOR and model stage databases in Azure SQL Database to create shared datasets for Power BI consumption.