Abdelkarim Mohamed Mahmoud

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I am currently The CTO For Dash - Business Intelligence Lab and we're always happy to help businesses grow through data superiority over their competitors. We do this by facilitating the implementation of Business Intelligence in the organisation.

Thanks to my well rounded set of skills (UX Design, Business Administration , Financial Analytics, Training Facilitation, Marketing & Data Science), I am highly adaptable and can turn sticky situations around for profit. Over my experience, I have developed processes that help me understand the business and the audience faster & better so I can deliver a reliable experience to all of my clients.

I really believe in the power of DATA-Driven decision making and it's impact on the growth of organisations. I aim to drive this culture and facilitate it. At work, I am more people oriented and like to focus on making teamwork an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. all of that while making the client's business the first priority.

I'm always interested to hear from former clients, colleagues, managers and looking forward to explore opportunities and meet new creative and interesting people, Feel free to Instant message me at anytime.