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What is the Power BI Black Belt Training Series?

This is a training series on the Microsoft business analytics service, Power BI. Students will progress through a series of modules responding to questions along the way.

Where do I start?

Sign-up for the Blue Belt course and start watching videos. The first section will walk you through where to get the software, sample files and anything else you may need to learn. Purchase the whole series and save

Why this training?

You can learn at your desk, at your pace, at your convenience.

This class format includes high quality videos streamed directly to your device, online labs, and additional resources.

How will it benefit me?

  • Understanding the trends and outliers in your business can aid in making informed decisions that can result in success. 
  • Turning data into knowledge that can help drive your business, providing insights for better business decisions.
  • Time Analysis is significantly easier when using a tool like Power BI.

What are the objectives of the training series?

Upon completion, learners will be ready to model data and build amazing analytics in real-world scenarios, such as analytics on sales data, financial data, or manufacturing or distribution data.

Who is the target audience?

Anybody. Power BI can be used by Developers and non-experienced BI people, meaning no special skills are required. Usually, a skilled person models the data, so anyone can explore with it. At the end of the course, you will fit in the skilled person category so anyone in your company can find trends and outliers to those trends.


Online classroom access will be granted within 1 working day of registration. Once granted access, students will have 30 days for each course within the series. Students can work at their own pace and access the materials 24x7 during that 30 day period for each of the courses.


  • Finance & Analysts
  • Sales Departments
  • IT
  • CXO's


Students must progress through the belts in order to receive Black Belt Certification.

Black Belt Graduates

This elite group of users has completed all four levels of the Power BI Black Belt Training Series.

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#1 An Introduction to Microsoft Power BI - Blue Belt

  • Get Data
  • Create Visuals
  • Publishing Reports & Templates
  • Using Power BI Service
  • Using Power BI Mobile Apps
Purple Belt

#2 Data Modeling & DAX - Purple Belt

  • Introduction to Data Modeling
  • Advanced Visuals
  • Introduction to DAX
Brown Belt

#3 Advanced Data Modeling & DAX - Brown Belt

  • Advanced Data Modeling
  • Advanced DAX
  • Using Custom Visuals from AppSource
Black Belt

#4 Advanced Power BI - Black Belt

  • Sharing Dashboards
  • Row Level Security
  • Embedding
  • Apps and App-Spaces