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I've written database applications for PCs since 1982 beginning with a sales force appointment tickler calendar for the radio stations I worked for (2-360 KB floppy drives & 256 KB RAM drive out of the 640 KB of RAM, IBM PC). I started my own database consulting business in 1991. The database tools I used were (in chronological order): Paradox for DOS, Paradox for Windows, Microsoft Access, and SQL Server versions 7 through 2016. I also began developing web-based applications using Microsoft ASP and ASP.NET in the early 00's.

The type of work I did was always determined by customer need. There was no specific industry I specialized in. I've written applications for EDI document processing; hazardous material data gathering and reporting; pre-press ink coverage analysis; on-line pre-press proofing; proximity card reader data gathering; construction industry on-line project reporting; production process estimating; sales forecasting; product configuration and price estimating tools for sales representatives; maintenance crew scheduling; billing; shipping; specialized payroll; etc.

I became the "accidental" Dynamics GP administrator at the end of 2013, just after we went live with GP 2013. My first assignment was to create financial reports with Management Reporter. I know the back-end of GP pretty well, but I can't sit in for one of our capable accounting staff and do any of their jobs! Analysis, reporting, and trouble-shooting? You bet! Enter a stack of A/P invoices? Umm... not so much. But boy, howdy! I can un-stick a stuck batch!

I glommed onto GPUG very early on and became immersed in the community. I must have been really noisy on the GPUG Forums because I was given the GPUG All Star award on my birthday in 2015 at the GPUG Summit in Reno. That was something I'll never forget.

I'm heavily involved in the Wisconsin GPUG Chapters -- Milwaukee and Green Bay -- and I'm learning Power BI as fast as I can! I'll see you at GPUG Summit!