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Filtet two values from one table

  • 1.  Filtet two values from one table

    Posted 3 days ago

    I have a table that looks like this

    ID           | Admin | Identifier
    --------     |----------   |--------------

    1234578 | User A   | null
    2468912 | User A  | User B
    2347426 | User A | User B
    5776567  | null      | User B
    5675477 | User A  | User B

    I need to do some reporting where by i can visually see which ID have an Admin and which IDs have an Identifier.

    At the moment, i am using the built in filter function whereby i am filtering the table to show me all IDs where Admin = User A - then this of course does not meet my goal as this will then only show me the first 3 IDs and the last one.

    How can i create a filter to show me all the IDs that have the filter Admin = User A OR Identifier= User B in one table and then create some visuals to say something like,
    User A and User B together have 3 IDs. User B has 1 id where User A is not there etc.

    Hope that makes sense. 

    V S

  • 2.  RE: Filtet two values from one table

    Top Contributor
    Posted 2 days ago
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    HI @V S,
    One way to filter on two columns using an OR operator is to create a new column that performs the test and use it to filter.​
    Have a look to the .pbix file attached and let me know if this slove your problem

    Best regards
    Mehdi HAMMADI
    MCT | MCSA BI Reporting | MCSE Data Management and Analytics
    2019 Ruby Award Dynamic Communities