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PDF or Doc type materials

  • 1.  PDF or Doc type materials

    Posted 02-14-2018 04:53 PM
    Anyone have a link to some good documentation on "What is PowerBI" and comparisons to Jet Express?  Why do Power Bi?


    Justin Ross
    TD Carpenter & Associates, Inc.
    Sarasota FL

  • 2.  RE: PDF or Doc type materials

    Posted 02-14-2018 04:58 PM
    You can't compare these products. Jet Express is a good starting point for nav reporting and first shot at table relations, Jet Enterprise compliments Power BI in an amazing way. I can talk about it or give a demo to the entire community as I can see this question showing up in so many groups. This would help you understand the difference and benefit of using Jet Reports Stack (Jet professional + Jet Enterprise)+ Power BI

    Kamil Karbowiak
    Managing Partner
    Jet Reports
    +44 203 5751 326

  • 3.  RE: PDF or Doc type materials

    Posted 02-14-2018 05:23 PM
    Hi Justin,

    Power BI is the future of BI from Microsoft. They are investing a lot of resources in it and the features that are there and coming, both in Power BI Desktop and Power BI Pro surpass most of the stuff that 3rd party products can do.
    Further, there is the value of the community. The Power BI community is huge and growing every day. Almost any question you can think of, the answer is a web search away. There is a tremendous number of companies offering training on this should you want to use paid help.
    Power BI is BI for the Business User and any user with an advanced level with Excel should be able to transition into this. By contrast, while Jet Enterprise is a great product, it is based on SQL Analysis Services and the technical level needed to maintain and expand that is a lot higher. They do have tools to make the process less "painful" but ultimately Analysis Services is a technical solution unlike Power BI design. Think of Excel or Access versus SQL. You can certainly do way more with SQL but Excel and Access gets you there most of the time without the complexities of SQL.
    I would say where Dynamics team dropped the ball is the fact that there is no real "starter package" of reports for NAV with Power BI (or GP and Power BI if you are on that side). So you would start from scratch in figuring out the tables and table relations (which would be same with Jet Express).
    But again, with Power BI you can go from 0 to 100 in a lot less time than with a custom BI project and in less money (I think) than the cost of Jet Enterprise.
    Further, I do offer a prebuilt set of Power BI reports for most functional areas of NAV and would be glad to show them to you if interested.

    And last, and I think it should be the least reason to pick Power BI, the desktop software is free forever and you only start to pay if you want to go to mobile reports or you have a larger corporate situation where security and automation is paramount. And in that case, $10 / user / month is really a steal given the functionality you get.
    Let's say you have 30 users that need cloud access. That is $3600/year and I can tell you that the 3 year cost will still most likely be way less than the cost of any of the 3rd party BI products out there.

    P.S. Maybe I should put this in a Word or PDF format since it is approaching the size of a novel :-)

    Cristian Nicola
    NCA Dynamics
    Saratoga Springs NY