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  • Hej Du mangler nok bare SUM() på begge dine kolonner: Sådan her:  PctBeregning = SUM(TabelA[A3]) * 100 / SUM(TabelB[B4]) Overvej dog, at bruge DIVIDE i stedet. Der kan du sætte en alternativ værdi ind hvis nævneren ikke er gyldig. Sådan ...

  • Hej  I en PowerBI rapport har jeg følgende udfordring: Tabel A med kolonne A3 (heltal) Tabel B med kolonne B4 (heltal) og nu ønsker jeg mig en kolonne der viser mig andel i procent  = A3 x 100 / B4 = C1 % Jeps det ser lidt simpel ud, ...

  • Great to know! Thanks (on behalf of my company)! See you there! ------------------------------ Fu Chen Chr. Hansen A/s ------------------------------

  • Hi  I think its the early bird price - otherwise try and mail them directly And you can get an extra 10% if you use the code "EUPSummit10"  ------------------------------ Erik Svensen PUG Leader Denmark ------------------- ...

  • Thanks for the notification! I didn't know it is today. A quick question, is it 999€ after discount or before discount? The registration page looks strange. ------------------------------ Fu Chen Chr. Hansen A/s ------------------------------

  • Hi all Join me and others from our user group at the Power Platform Summit in march this year. Do you like to save money? (Who doesn't?) Then don't forget to take advantage of Early Bird pricing for Power Platform Summit Europe. Register by 10 January, ...

  • Tak Kristoffer Det var lige det der skulle til :-), og ja jeg har ikke opbygget en data model. men i denne rapport har jeg dog data ( .csv filer)  fra 6 data kilder. men jeg er stadig i begynder stadiet med PowerBI :-) ------------------------------ ...


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  • Winner of the local hackathon

    Hi all,

    The voting has for the winners of the local Power BI Hackathon has now been finalized.

    And the winner is:
    #Team Knightcrawler

    @Jeroen Luitwieler
    @Marius Popiuc
    @Sam Chatterjee
    @Christian Westergaard Clausen

    with their solution about the data for the 2018 world cup in soccer.


    Congratulations on the win and the team will now proceed to the global hackathon competition - voting in that competition will soon be made public.

    A big thank to all the participants in the hackathon.


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