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  • I am trying to come up with a way to create measure that will show the time stamp of a item in Share Point list item when it entered into a new status I was able to make a query to the list that shows all the version history for each every item in the ...

  • totally agree, and I believe once someone watches the quality of the free video Sam Mckay post from Enterpise DNA they will go for the 500 membership ------------------------------ Mark Paradis Project Manager Rockleigh NJ 2038875313 --------------- ...

  • Yes there a many free videos on you tube however you do not get a dataset to practice with and cannot ask questions like you can with DNA.  There comes a point, when watching the videos alone does not give you all the knowledge and experience you need ...

  • I agree that Enterprise DNA is an awesome resource, and before you spend $500, Sam Mckay posts a ton of good videos on YouTube as well. Here are the 3 best YouTube Videos that have alot of good DAX Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-h-wArcxJC8zBOD-UxfCOg ...

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  • Hi  I took both 70-778 and 70-779 over last summer and managed to pass both of them :) .  For 70-778 I relied mostly on the Microsoft guide. I did all the exercises and went through all the links that the author provided for additional information. I ...


  • Marco Russo Presenting at NY/NJ Power BI User Group

    Marco Russo will be presenting to a capacity crowd at the NY/NJ Power BI User Group on Thursday, 6/13/2019.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone!
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the Power BI User Group NY/NJ, the place to share knowledge, experience, and fun tips for Power BI platform.  It is a place to gather users in one single place allowing you to connect with other BI and Analytics professionals from the same area and all over the world.   
    Be sure to bookmark: www.pbiusergroup.com/newyork  for quick & easy access to our user group! 
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    Kathy Kinnier

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