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Global Power BI User Group provides live webcasts and online sessions to help Power BI Users learn the latest technology, build skills, and advance knowledge.

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  • Isn't there a date field, you can put in the slicer, and then filter on year?​ ------------------------------ Jan G. Laursen IT Consultant ------------------------------

  • So I am trying to build a dashboard with the Google Analytics connector available with Power BI. I was able to connect it to GA and pull the data, but the probem is, I am getting all the data since the beginning of setting up the GA account for the website. ...

  • What happens if an owner of a the workspace leaves? If an owner of the workspace leaves, the workspace will be an orphaned. If you or an admin who has access to Admin Portal --> Workspace can assign an owner to that workspace. Or you can ask your O365 ...

  • Hey Everyone, I wanted to gain some insight from this team on their strategies behind Power Bi. In particular, we are looking at the amount of work spaces we have, what happens if an owner of a work space leaves, and what do you do when people move in ...

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    RE: Calculate table

    Alberto, Thanks I solve the issue Oded Dror ------------------------------ Oded Dror ------------------------------


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  • Hi fellow Power BI enthusiasts! To properly set up the use of Power BI within your organization, it is usually necessary to give users some form of training. For users who only consume reports it is often sufficient to follow a short introductory training ...

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