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  • If you are experienced with the Microsoft Power Platform and love sharing with the community, then now is your chance to step up and speak during Summit North America!   The community is coming back together,  in person , for an extraordinary ...

  • Hi All, What is the best method to create Income Statement (P&L) and to show comparisons to budget and prior year Kind Regards, Divya Patel FP&A Assistant Finance Manager National Physical Laboratory Hampton Road ...

  • Bill, Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, you have landed upon the reason why this issue is so troublesome you can't just sum numerator and denominator for all questions. You have to average the results of each question. This becomes ...

  • Hi I have excel table, where in "Totals" column i have the accumulative totals per day Date, Month and Units are dynamic date that are synced via a server Formula in "Totals" being =SUMIFS([Units],[Month],[@Month])-(SUMIFS([Units],[Month],[@Month])-[@Units]) ...

  • Hi Vinu: I think SUMX can get tricky for the grand total line as no such Data table filtering is provided by the Grand Total row.  Your report shows correctly on the individual lines. I just summed up your activities and used this measure below and have ...

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