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  • @Gopa Kumar Sivadasan i got the output as i expected in second page, but first page banner (# of stockroom to be visit) value is changed this banner should count the "Room # in VSR" in list of stockroom based the day ( monday, tuesday.... friday)  ...

  • @Gopa Kumar Sivadasan Thank you So much ... i really like the way you working on code... i like to learn more from you ... please guide me...​ ------------------------------ Ganesh Kumar Analyst ------------------------------

  • Hi @Ganesh Kumar The issue in your code is highlighted below. As a best practice you should mark your 'date table' as a ​date table. I have made the correction and is attaching the pbix. Pl see if this helps you. ------------------------------ ...


  • Invite

    20 February 2020

    Dear Members

    As mentioned when i first initiated this group, Power BI users in this region is extremely limited and even awareness about it is limited.

    Hence, to grow our community here, we need to get decision makers aware of Power BI and get them to realize how Power BI can transform their business.

    That is reason, I wanted people from Microsoft to come and talk about Power BI. It is good that Mr. Shivaram Venkatesh who is one of the 27 people who wrote the specifications for Power BI has agreed to come and talk. 

    Since, I need to invite Power BI ignorant crowd to the meeting, I had to design an invite. The invite is added to our library.  

    Hope the current members from our region attend our first meeting without fail.
  • First User Group Meeting

    We are fortunate to have Mr. Shivaram Venkatesh from Microsoft to share his thoughts on where Power BI will eventually land in the next few years. Shivaram Venkatesh is an avid technology enthusiast with 24 years of experience as an entrepreneur, IBMer and then a Microsoftee. He was the SQL Server product Director at Microsoft and one of the 27 people who wrote the specifications of PowerBI when it was being conceptualized.

    Date: Feb 27, 2020
    Time: 15:30 to 17:00 hrs
    Venue: The Gateway Hotel
                 Beach Road
                 Kozhikode - 673002
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