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Rich and extensive career as tech, and business consultant including BI, as well as in creating and selling complex, IT and software solutions. Thrives on building relationships and trust, while leveraging comprehensive technical capabilities and understanding to exceed sales and revenue targets.

Highly disciplined, focused and driven with a sense of responsibility, delivering tangible benefits to the business and its customers through meticulous analysis and understanding of needs , goals and technologies.

Multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary, able to bridge the gap between different geographies and disparate areas of the organisation.


✎ Business analysis and BI consultancy.

♛ Sales, pre-sales, and international business development and relationship management.

۞ Web and software development, and design and implementation of complex IT solutions.

⌨ Online marketing delivery and optimisation.

✎ Project and process management and hands on experience with a broad range of technologies and tools.

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Yair Hyllested Czitrom
☎ +45 31 31 97 14