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Jan Aynes

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Jan Aynes


Career Overview
Highly analytical, inquisitive and creative data analyst leverages patterned data from unstructured, semi-structured and structured data sources.

Strong analytical and collaborative skills, Strong mathematical background, Strong organizational, standardization and consistency identification and implementation skills, Process efficiency and improvement identification and implementation skills.

Technical Skills
Intermediate level R/R Studio, Structured Query Language (SQL), PowerShell ISE, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual Studio, Advanced level Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access

Collaborate with various internal customers, determine business requirements, develop, deploy and manage MS Access and Excel solutions for various management, executive level and franchise operation groups through call center projections, volume reports, marketing reports, and dashboards. Perform legal research and analysis, develop and write policies and procedures and standard operating procedures. Design and implement a rudimentary survey free text (unstructured data) sentiment analysis rating (1 through 5) and reporting process.