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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are user groups within the Power BI User Group community that meet virtually around a specific role, industry or topic. Browse the existing SIGs and join the one that best fits you to connect with other individuals in a similar role, all over the world. Don’t see a SIG that fits you? Consider launching a new one.

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Association & NonProfit Special Interest Group  

Welcome to the Association and Nonprofit Power BI User Group! This group is hosted by Christin Berry, Senior Director, Business Analytics for ASAE & Julie Sciullo, President & CEO of Association Analytics. The goal of this group is to bring together like minded individuals in the Association and Nonprofit space that are using or thinking of using Power BI. We will feature case studies, discuss the latest and greatest discoveries, successes & challenges, tricks, tips and tools, and be sure to drive a lively discussion. Come geek out with us, have some fun, meet some people and figure out new ways to make data guided decisions that will drive our industry forward!

  last person joined 6 months ago

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Credit Union Power BI User Group  

Welcome to the Credit Union Power BI User Group. This group is for the utilization of Power BI specifically for the Credit Union industry.

  last person joined 3 months ago

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Dynamics Power BI User Group  

This group is a virtual community of Dynamics Power BI Users. Can’t find a Power BI User Group in your area? Join one of our Power BI Virtual Communities!

  last person joined one month ago

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Finance Audit et Gestion Power BI SIG  

Le groupe Power BI FAG (Finance Audit Gestion) est un lieu d'échange qui s'adresse aux professionnels des métiers du chiffre. Notre objectif est d'apporter des retours pratiques sur le traitement des données de gestion, comptables, financières, administratives et réglementaires. Enfin ce groupe porte une vocation de veille et de recherche dans le but de contribuer à l'amélioration des pratiques professionnelles.
Ce groupe souhaite aider :
- les professionnels du chiffre a mieux traiter leurs données
- les professionnels de la data a mieux appréhender la complexité des données financières
Ce groupe est également ouvert :
- aux dirigeants d'entreprise,
- aux universitaires et enseignants de ces matières,
- aux chercheurs et mémorialistes,

  last person joined 16 days ago

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K-12 Education Power BI SIG  

"...but I work with student data, not sales." Has this entered your mind scanning through help forums? If you work in K-12 education, join us in a new and exciting journey using Power BI to create data visualizations to support your school district. Let us use this group to connect, inform, and network within the data community, specific to our needs working with student and school data.

  last person joined 18 days ago

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PBI for Business Users
(Beginners Welcome)

The goal of this group is to meet the needs of the business user who wants to use Power BI to analyze and visualize data. We will focus on the features and functionality in Power BI that a business user needs to know to stay up to date with this fast changing tool.
Beginners to Power BI are welcome in this Special Interest Group.
#All BIBIZ is Virtual!

  last person joined 7 days ago

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Power BI Data Access, Transformation and Cleansing  

Welcome! Are you responsible for connecting to data sources? Do you need to integrate, cleanse, or enhance source data in Power BI? Are you responsible for ensuring your Power BI queries continue to execute without error? Do you need to reduce data refresh times or the system resources used? If so, this SIG is the place for you. Our members will share their diverse skills and experiences with the Get Data experience for Power BI, the Query Editor, and the M Language.

  last person joined one month ago

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Power BI for Accountants  

Welcome Accountants, Controllers and others with special interests in Finance- & Accounting-related topics. This is a special interest group where we will discuss finance- & accounting related topics and share best practices in that area.
You (A) have built a great finance-dashboard and want to share it with other people?
You (B) want to build a great finance-dashboard but need some inspiration or help?
Let this User Group become the place where A and B meet, learn from, and inspire each other. Want to discuss modelling alternatives or KPIs, solve recurring import tasks, create reconciliations or allocations? Here you should find people who share your interest and are willing to help.

  last person joined 29 days ago

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Power BI For Data Science  

Welcome to Power BI for Data Science Virtual Group! If you do data analysis, data mining, data visualization and/or data science, R programming enjoying the usage of Power BI, this is the place for you. By joining this team, you will share experience, learn about projects and other data analysis capabilities by meeting with talented people.

  last person joined 8 days ago

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Power BI for Defense and Security  

The Power BI Defence and Security Special Interest Group aims to meet virtually every month on a weekday evening. We seek to generate a thriving Power BI community including end users & industry experts who all use Power BI to generate compelling visualisations, enjoy sharing their experiences and are happy to help one another with various technical hurdles.

  last person joined 3 months ago

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Power BI for Developers  

Power BI Special Interest Group with the focus on the developer experience of Power BI.
So if you want to learn about Custom Data Connectors, Custom Visuals, Power BI Embedded and the Power BI REST API, feel free to join.

  last person joined one month ago

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Power BI for SAP  

The objective of this group is to share experience of use of Power BI analytics and visualization with SAP business systems data. This user group will review different functional areas within company and how we can leverage SAP data to build strong BI analytics to run daily operations.

  last person joined one month ago

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Public Data Users SIG (PUSIG)  

Welcome to the Power BI Public Data Users SIG. This group is for those who use (or wish they could use) public data sets. This SIG shares sources and best practices for using public data within Power BI.

  last person joined 7 months ago

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Using Power BI to Gain Intelligence for Education  

Welcome all data enthusiasts to the first PowerUP event, we aim to empower you and give you the skills and tools to build great insight and analytic dashboards.

  last person joined one year ago

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Utility Analytics Industry (UAI) Power BI Users Group  

Welcome to the Utility Analytics Industry Power BI Users Group! As a Special Interest group, we'll share with each other how to model and visualize utility centric data through the Microsoft products supporting Power BI's technology. Get ready to learn and share and grow your data insights through our community focused on utility data.

  last person joined 3 months ago

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Women in Power BI  

Welcome! Come to learn or share skills to empower other women using Power BI.

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